Philosophy of Education

My Philosophy of Education
Sara Ozbun

I believe the primary purpose of education is to guide students to reach their full potential.  This covers a wide spectrum of areas, everything from academic to social to emotional to potential of character.  Knowledge, training, and character education are all key components to this purpose, but the bottom line is that the purpose is to bring students to all they can be by providing them with the confidence, creativity and communication skills they need in order to live a fulfilling life as a productive member of society.

To this end, I hold certain beliefs about education which guide my actions.  I believe that all students can learn.  Not all students will learn the same things at the same pace in the same way, but all students can and will learn something.  It is important for educators to explore multiple ways of teaching in order to reach multiple learning styles and intelligences.  In exploring these, educations can reach the goal of helping all students reach their full potential.